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Network Media Partners: A Case Study

Network Media Partners

Problem: Used inefficient system to manage online, print, and event advertising contracts and accounting for associations and non-profits, as well as the contracts and documents needed for the advertisers. One big problem—it couldn’t print contracts that listed more than one media type.

Challenge: The complexity of their process on both levels-the client’s level and the advertiser’s level. Needed a holistic view that could accommodate various contracts, reporting and invoicing, and the ability to timestamp every interaction with the advertisers.

Solution: Buan implemented a customized, sophisticated Salesforce solution with a flexible accounting system that tracked each ad throughout the process until it was invoiced and paid. Buan also provided valuable insight into best practices for managing advertising processes.

Benefits/Results: Successfully transformed a work-intensive process into an exceedingly efficient, technology-driven process in one of the most sophisticated solutions Buan has provided. Buan continues to support Network Media as a valued partner.

“For Network Media Partners, Inc., Salesforce, the platform and Buan Consulting’s agile customization skills have literally energized us. While other media firms are struggling with industry changes and shrinking, we are able to focus our talent and resources on serving our clients. We are investing heavily in marketing, as well as expanding the range of services we offer our clients. We have custom-designed our accounting and internal processes on the platform in a few months. Since the cloud platform is so agile and versatile, our goal is to move ALL of our corporate-server functions to the platform in 2012. Buan Consulting has helped us solidify our position as sales, service and technical leaders in a rapidly evolving association media marketplace. We know we will grow significantly in 2012 and even faster in 2013. Everyone at Network Media Partners, Inc., from interns to owners, uses Salesforce and we are all on the same page!”
— Jim Cooke, Network Media Partners Vice President, Accounting and IT

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