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Setting up Salesforce CPQ Smart Approvals

Posted by Buan Consulting The Smart Approvals feature in Salesforce CPQ Advanced Approvals package has been around for some time but it hasn’t always worked as advertised. Initially, clients were very excited about the time-saving promise of this feature. If a quote is rejected during the approval cycle, approvers who initially approved would not receive…

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3 Benefits of Implementing a Project Management Methodology


Posted by Kim Barnes, PMP, Project Management Lead Implementing a project management methodology will provide numerous benefits for your organization, including higher client satisfaction, more scalable project structures and a streamlined delivery process. These improvements help projects become more organized and deliver the right outcomes, faster.  They instill in the organization reusable common processes and templates,…

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How to Create Amazing CPQ Template Content Using HTML and Tables

Greg Coolidge

Posted by Greg Coolidge, Senior Consultant You have just put together a large quote for a very important client.  The only thing left to do is generate the output document and send it to the customer for their signature.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create professional templates using tables in your template…

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Grow your business with Apps from the Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange 2

What do CloudSense Commerce, Conga Composer, Geopointe, TaskRay and Xactly Incent have in common? Posted by Buan Consulting Businesses across the country are turning to the AppExchange from Salesforce for business solutions. An online marketplace, AppExchange lets you browse third-party apps or customize your own app development. The pre-built apps are customized for Salesforce so…

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7 Admin Tips for a Sensational Salesforce Demo

Becky Clark

Posted by Becky Clark, Senior Consultant A lot of time and effort went into creating an exceptional product. Now is the time to show the end user how it works. Use these 7 easy tips to make a good demo a great demo! 1. Work out Your Flow on Paper First …or in Visio or…

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Salesforce Einstein can Help Make your Business Intuitive


Posted by Buan Consulting Einstein can now reach thousands of customers in a personalized way, can turn data into business insights and help build and deepen your customer partnerships.  We’re not referring to Albert Einstein, the most influential physicist of the 20th century, but to Salesforce Einstein, the first comprehensive AI technology for CRM. Salesforce,…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Contract Lifecycle Management Investment

Posted by Buan Consulting Are you looking to increase the productivity of your sales team from the first customer contact through contract signing? Do you want better control of your document and contract management process? Thinking about integrating your CPQ with a CLM solution? One business owner who recently researched their contract management options shared…

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Leveraging eSignature to speed quote approval by 97%!

Mike Bergman-small

Posted by Mike Bergman, Senior Consultant If you are not new to the Buan Consulting blog, you have no doubt seen many great posts about the benefits of using Salesforce CPQ to help eliminate many of the frustrating and time-consuming steps in creating accurate quotes within  If you are already using Salesforce CPQ, congratulations! …

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Press Release: Buan Consulting Expands Leadership Team with New Senior Vice President of Operations


To help manage the company’s growth, Buan taps a seasoned professional services executive. ANNAPOLIS, Md. – October 26, 2016 – Buan Consulting, a SteelBrick Certified Implementation Partner, Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner and the first, and only, Gold Certified SpringCM Partner for Systems Integrators, announced today the addition of David “Chip” Tondreau as Senior Vice President of…

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