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Organizing Your Content in Salesforce with SpringCM File It

Meryl Flynn

Posted by Meryl Flynn, SpringCM Practice Lead One of the biggest concerns for Salesforce Users is how to manage their documents.  Leveraging standard Libraries and Files can help, but oftentimes, it can take forever to find a specific document, or duplicate documents are made within the same org.  A better filing system is necessary for…

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Press Release: Buan Consulting first Gold Certified SpringCM Partner for Systems Integrators


QuickStart Program launched for affordable contract management solution.     ANNAPOLIS, Md. -September 29, 2016 – SpringCM, a leading document and sales contract management solution for Salesforce customers, today named Buan Consulting as its first Gold Certified SpringCM Partner for Systems Integrators. Buan Consulting, also the first SteelBrick (renamed to Salesforce CPQ) Certified Implementation Partner and a…

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