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Construction. Scheduling. Project Management. All under one hood.

The construction industry involves many complex relationships and business processes, and demands a flexible solution that can manage all phases of a project lifecycle. That solution is Buan Consulting’s Construction CRM with Scheduling.


Buan Consulting’s Construction CRM with Scheduling is the only application you need to track, schedule, report and analyze all of your construction projects. Create proposals and work orders, track time and materials, schedule your team and run reports all from the same system.

Built on the platform, the application provides you one single system to manage multiple projects and guarantee a smooth and reliable information flow between all parties.

Our Construction Solution enables its users to:

  • Schedule dynamically
  • Gain visibility to proposals, quotes, requests and bids
  • Eliminate paper-based systems
  • Integrate with your mobile devices and work while on the road or at job sites
  • Streamline or eliminate back office work
  • Link project tracking with accounting
  • Generate work orders
  • Report on current or past projects
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Track client credit status and terms