Buan Consulting

One powerful CRM.
One expert team.
Limitless possibilities.

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Meet Buan Consulting. We’re Salesforce CRM experts. For eight years, we’ve implemented powerful Force.com Customer Relationship Management solutions for organizations looking to streamline processes, track data and garner powerful insights.
Or, put simply: recalibrate their business to work better, faster and harder.
Inspire us with your unique challenge. Let’s see where it takes us.

Our Process

Engineer the right solution.
Right from the start.
Minimize project risk and
streamline integration.
Reduce time to launch
and lower overall costs.
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In Their Own Words

See how Jim Cooke of Network Media Partners describes his Buan experience.  Watch Now

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Modern Door manages roughly 500 projects per year, and was having trouble keeping projects up to date. The company's previous...  Read More

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