SteelBrick CPQ Benefits

Here’s how SteelBrick CPQ benefits your business

With SteelBrick CPQ, you can:


Choose products, eliminate errors, cross & up sell

• Configure products, solutions & bundles
• Eliminate errors in opportunities, quotes & contracts
• Identify cross-sell & upsell opportunities
• Uses your Salesforce Products and Price Books
• Guided selling matches the right products to customers

Generate quotes quickly & accurately, price easily

• Quickly generate accurate quotes in any currency
• Choose from advanced pricing & discounting options
• Pre-negotiate contract pricing
• Configure channel & partner pricing

Produce proposals & contracts quickly & easily

• Choose from customizable templates
• Build dynamic T&Cs
• Select or default related content, such as datasheets
• Produce quotes in Word or PDF format
• Integrate with e-signature to send with a click
• Save documents automatically in Salesforce

Choose add-ons & renewals

• Automatically generate renewal quotes
• Accurately report total contract values
• Automatically renew reminders in Salesforce
• Apply existing contracted terms & prices