Why Buan Consulting?

Buan Consulting is dedicated to total project success and satisfaction.

How do we do this? It's simple. We concentrate all of our efforts in understanding our customers' requirements and expectations clearly, and implementing a tailored solution using a proven methodology that: minimizes project risk reduces time to launch lowers overall project cost

And, Buan builds its client relationships based on its three core values:

  • Integrity - All our associates ascribe to the highest ethical standards and work
  • Innovative Solutions - We offer thoughtful and comprehensive analysis and provide the best solution appropriate for each specific need
  • Respect - Our respect for client needs and every individual involved translates into exceptional value

When Buan Consulting implements the optimized solution that aligns your organizational and technology objectives you can:

  • Ensure that information is available wherever and whenever it's needed Streamline activities for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and velocity.
  • Increase productivity, innovation, agility and preparedness
  • Expedite more secure, consistent, and tightly controlled processes
  • Improve operations and performance
  • Decrease costs of serving the needs of employees, citizens, customers, and partners
  • Better respond to serving the needs of employees, citizens, customers, and partners

Why Do Projects Fail?

Projects fail for many reasons, but the most common problems are resource problems. Whether it is due to resource constraints, poorly trained personnel or improperly matched skill-sets, getting the right people to do the job is paramount to the success of the project. When this happens, poorly laid plans are executed with mistakes and plagued with rework. Ultimately, the project goes over budget and is delivered with fewer features or is delayed.

Only by outsourcing critical skills can the project succeed.

This is the problem that Buan Consulting addresses. By providing specific Knowledge Management and Portal expertise and methodologies to a project, the odds of success are increased and the overall cost is significantly reduced. Buan Consulting has implemented solutions and provided training for more than two dozen organizations worldwide including places as far away as South Korea and New Zealand.


  • Lower Risk
  • Experience
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Faster Implementation
  • Lower Overall Cost to Implementation