The Buan Consulting Approach

Knowledge Management solutions can be complex. We believe that knowledge management must be understood as both a science and an art in order to attain optimal advantage.

Solutions almost always require much more than just implementing a new software package or two. We typically combine hardware, software, operating system, middleware, and end-user applications into one turnkey solution. These are not simply deployments of a few "one-size-fits-all" software packages. They are the culmination of a series of projects. The time, effort, and cost required to implement a turnkey solution depends on many factors, including the breadth of its functionality, the number of end users, the complexity of the deployment environment, and the amount of customization and integration with legacy applications and databases.

A single-minded focus on computer hardware and software – without consideration of the other important components – will result in failure. Buan Consulting has developed a successful approach to knowledge management deployment that involves the understanding and integration of numerous essential elements: 

  • business process and knowledge management strategies
  • content identification and architecture
  • process definition and management
  • technology and infrastructure
  • security architecture
  • people/organizational strategy, cultural acceptance, training
  • feedback component for constant improvement

Effective knowledge management can happen only by minimizing the time and effort required to contribute, collaborate, locate, and apply knowledge. It is important for organizations to deploy the right solution. By developing an understanding of an organization's complete information and business needs, Buan Consulting can create the knowledge management or portal solution that matches its needs and culture and provides immediate access to critical information needed to make strategic decisions and enhance performance.