Buan Consulting - Overview

Adding Value to Information

We live in the information age. Every year, the amount of data in the world approximately doubles. Organizations today struggle with the ever increasing burden of assimilating, managing, and processing increasing amounts of unstructured information, such as office documents, web pages, e-mails, voice, and images coming from a multitude of sources. Couple with this the more structured information emerging in standards such as XML, together with language dependency, and the organization's task is more difficult every day. Managing information is more critical than ever, and those organizations that can most efficiently and effectively manage information will emerge as the leaders.

 All this data is of little value unless it can be turned into useful knowledge and automatically delivered to the appropriate people when they need it. This is where the ability to understand information and automate processes around this information becomes critical. Buan Consulting is experienced in ensuring that organizations can exploit the immense potential of the information age by intelligently leveraging the most appropriate technologies to manage this information in the most effective way. Speed, simplicity, filtering to obtain the right information, and security are all part of the formula of an elegantly designed Buan solution that will help an organization thrive in these challenging times.  

Partnering for Performance

Buan Consulting has implemented solutions and provided training for organizations worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand. Our clients think of us as an extension of their business and IT organizations, contributing deep industry and functional organizational knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the latest knowledge management tools and technologies, with the commitment to be a true partner for the long term.

 The Buan Team is comprised of a small group of knowledge management and portal experts with more than 60 years of combined experience in integrating technology solutions that increase efficiencies and effectiveness. Today, Buan is highly regarded for its unsurpassed expertise, quality of work, ability to execute and ultimately, deliver expertise and technologies to minimize your initial capital outlays, reduce your deployment time, lower your operations costs, and increase the value of your services. Based in Annapolis, MD, Buan Consulting offers an unparalleled track record of successful projects and prestigious customers in many industry sectors including media, finance, government, education, legal, technology and e-commerce.