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Section 508 compliance encompasses a long list of problems that need to be addressed. What section 508 compliance requires:

• Measuring and assessing the scope of the potential compliance problem

• Understanding the regulation, its "flexibility" as technology changes and the issues surrounding the regulation as it becomes "tested" in the marketplace

• Determining compliance options

• Developing a plan for compliance and roll-out

• Selecting favorable solutions to better comply

• Modifying, integrating and testing websites and applications and products

• Training, outreach and organizational communication

Furthermore, complying with Section 508 may also mean:

• Understanding procurement options such as "undue burden," "availability" and other exceptions

• Understanding how to structure Requests for Proposals (RFPs) under Section 508 regulations

• Determining whether to announce current and future Section 508 compliance on a website or in marketing materials and press releases

• Developing a strategy to minimize market share loss and increase revenue

• Obtaining legal advice:

- Risk mitigation; Policy support; Disclaimers

- Assessment of affirmative and defensive situation and options regarding bid protests

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