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 Special Offer

For a limited time only, the Section 508 Alliance is offering a preliminary compliance assessment for your website or client-server application for aproximately $1,000 . Using proven tools and methodologies, we assess your application or website for accessibility and provide you with a report with priority measurements. This report can be used for scoping project size and rough cost estimates. Listed below is an example outline of a preliminary report:

• Assessment of current Section 508 compliance status

- Software product(s) and/or website(s)

- Support materials (documentation, website, utilities,
 registration, etc.)

- Short-term plan

- Long-term plan

- Marketing compliance statements

- Government forms/templates

• Validation of Section 508 compliance work

• Preliminary analysis of software compliance/development work

• Recommendations

- Short-term plans

- Long-term plans

• Budgetary estimates

Please email [email protected] to get your assessment today.



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