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Scenic Rivers Land Trust: A Case Study

Scenic Rivers Land Trust

Problem: Scenic Rivers needed to be able to monitor easements on properties to manage the watershed; monitor regular contact, inquiries and events; and record when letters were sent and link them to files.

Challenge: Before the system could be designed, Buan Consulting would need to import data from DNR, which used both numbers and codes. They wanted to be sure they captured the 400 – 600 current contacts and provide more detail around their profiles. The system would also need to support embarking on the outreach on the watershed, provide more information about the property, ID acreage and list address fields.

Solution: Buan Consulting created a Land Trust Tracker in, uploaded all of their files and provided training.

Benefits/Results: Scenic Rivers can now rank their properties by proximity to the watershed, determine if the property is adjacent to another protected parcel or public space, and can segment who to target in their approach.

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