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Highlighted below are new and follow-on contracts that Buan Consulting has been awarded this past month:

Tarrant County: Tarrant County is one of the fastest growing urban counties in the United States today. Located in the north central part of Fort Worth, Texas, it serves as the county seat to a population of approximately 1.8 million citizens. Tarrant County is a member of the North Central Texas Council of Governments and is now home to a diverse spectrum of businesses and lifestyles. Cattle and agriculture, as well as aerospace companies and defense contractors, play a major role in the economic foundation of the internationally renowned Cultural District of the County.

Ethical Electric: Ethical Electric is an energy company that sells 100% clean energy to power homes and businesses from renewable sources like wind and solar. Their clean energy facility is within 200 miles of their customers and provides as much clean energy as possible from wind and solar farms. Their members use electricity as normal, there is no new bill, equipment install, home visits or interruption to their service; and on their mission to create a more progressive world they will even donate a part of their customers’ monthly bill to causes that benefit the planet. Ethical Electric members are responsible for adding more wind and solar power to the grid and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

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