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National Rural Electric Cooperative Association: A Case Study

National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association

Problem: The client was managing all of their membership related sales  on a series of spreadsheets and an ACT database.  They needed a single system to monitor membership as well as the members’ advertising and participation and booth sales for their association’s annual meetings.

Challenge: The users had an idea of what they wanted, but were not tech savvy.  They wanted the teams to collaborate and leverage the existing relationships to encourage new members to join the association.

Solution: Buan designed a solution which provides detailed tracking of advertising from the basic lead through the sale of the ad to the point of tracking the new art submitted and the page number of the publication and date of the publication when the ad is displayed. The solution also provides a trigger which reviews existing membership Opportunities and creates a new Opportunity for each membership that renews. The batch process runs once a month and the membership coordinator can send out invoices based on the new membership Opportunities.

Benefits/Results: The client can focus on nurturing new members and spend less time managing the renewal process for members. The client now has a sophisticated ad tracking system.

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