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Getting the Most Out of Your Contract Lifecycle Management Investment

Posted by Buan Consulting

Are you looking to increase the productivity of your sales team from the first customer contact through contract signing? Do you want better control of your document and contract management process? Thinking about integrating your CPQ with a CLM solution?

One business owner who recently researched their contract management options shared this advice:

“After a painstaking RFP process and marketing survey, our company selected SpringCM and we couldn’t be more pleased. SpringCM is accessible from a variety of devices and the application includes a number of features other CLM firms charge extra for, and it provides the flexibility and report capability we needed. If you are looking for a solution that integrates flawlessly with Salesforce, look no further.”

Another advocate who did their homework before integrating CPQ + CLM posted their story:

“We chose Salesforce CPQ (over several other apps) and our experience with the application couldn’t have been better. From their implementation team, to the friendly support team, the service has been fantastic – 10 stars across the board. By integrating Salesforce CPQ and SpringCM cloud document management solutions we have simplified our contract process, shortened our sales cycle and increased revenue!”

With a configure, price, quote (CPQ) app, sales teams have a competitive advantage with tools to meet the changing needs of customers, make informed decisions, streamline the quote and order process, increase profit margins and deliver an extraordinary sales experience to customers. But the sales process does not stop with delivering a sales quote but rather when the contract is signed. Sales and legal teams using a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform have more than the standard contract and document management tools.

SpringCM’s contract lifecycle management (CLM), a secure cloud-based platform, shortens the sales cycle time by managing contracts and related documents seamlessly. Whether your business uses desktop, mobile or partner applications, SpringCM’s CLM provides powerful tools to tailor workflows, automate tasks and complicated processes, and with pre-approved templates, CLM merges information from databases such as customer relationship manager (CRM), which reduces the contract cycle time from weeks to days. SpringCM’s platform provides businesses with a simplified contract management process and tools to identify potential risks, improve visibility and increase productivity.

Following is some key information on how to get the most of your SpringCM CLM investment:

  • With CLM, managers are able to reduce costs, mitigate risks (for instance, non-compliance to federal regulations or early contract termination) by focusing on the terms and conditions of the contract. The CLM integrated clause library ensures the legal department is informed and ready to act when necessary.
  • With the improved process visibility of CLM, sales managers are able to predict potential delays and take steps to prevent it. CLM eliminates repetitive tasks in the contract generation process, which can result in delays as well as provide managers and sales teams the constant contract visibility needed to know the status of the contract. Plus, with a SpringCM CLM platform your business can send out automatic contract renewal reminders well ahead of the renewal date, helping to prevent contract renewal delays and lost revenue.
  • CLM’s cloud-based platform enables user access, the ability to make modifications and deliver documents to desktops and mobile devices at anytime from anywhere. Automatic syncing means you have the most up-to-date document at your fingertips. In addition, to ease accessibility, the CLM platform allows contracts to be automatically routed to the appropriate person for approval, and integrated tools enable e-signature applications, such as DocuSign or EchoSign.
  • Along with the reduced cost of generating contracts associated with CLM, sales productivity is increased when SpringCM’s CLM is integrated with Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick CPQ) and Salesforce CRM, sales cycles will be accelerated with steps from customer contact to contract closing and beyond streamlined.
  • Integrating SpringCM CLM and Salesforce CPQ allows your business to readily move documents between the two systems. Your sales team will be able to generate quotes and related documents and save them in SpringCM, saving valuable time.

SpringCM and Salesforce deliver applications that provide solutions for their customers.  Business managers and owners like you are the best sales advocates for the applications. Here is what a customer of SpringCM and Salesforce had to say about their recent experience:

“SpringCM’s state-of-the-art CLM solutions, deployment team, and support team provides first-class document management capability and customer support. Choosing SpringCM was one of the best business decisions we have made.”

Investing in SpringCM’s contract lifecycle management platform and integrating it with Salesforce CPQ will help your business simplify your configure, price, quote process and optimize your contract process. When SpringCM CLM is used along with CPQ, your business will be able to establish an optimized contract process that is repeatable and traceable and create a pricing and configuration process that is repeatable and traceable. With SpringCM and Salesforce CPQ, your sales team will be able to establish best practices that will be seamless, intuitive and discernible in both your profit margin and customer satisfaction rating.

In conclusion, SpringCM and Salesforce platforms provide everything your sales team needs for each stage of the sales deal process from opening to closing. Manage your pricing and discounts, content, presentations, proposals, quote price accuracy and more with a simplified and automated CPQ process. Manage the lifecycle of contracts from generation, negotiation, approval and signing with a centralized and automated CLM process. With CPQ and CLM, you will optimize the activities of your sales and legal teams and increase your profits.

Buan Consultingthe first Salesforce CPQ Certified Implementation Partner and Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner for Systems Integrators and SpringCM’s first Gold Certified SpringCM Partner for Systems Integrators – recently announced the kick-off of its SpringCM QuickStart service offering for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to provide a base contract management system. By partnering with the leading CPQ and CLM solution providers, Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick) and SpringCM, Buan Consulting is best positioned to handle your transition from Quote to Cash, ensuring your users are up and running smoothly and help you accelerate sales.

Give us a call at 410-263-2707 to speak to our team and find out how we can help you integrate CPQ with CLM.


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