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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Social Networking by Julianne Boley

Julianne BoleyTis the Season to Social Network, are you harnessing the power of social networking?

The importance of social networking has become very obvious in the last couple of years but many companies are still trying to figure out how to leverage social tools for business improvement. If you are a customer, you have free tools at your finger tip that can help you listen to what is being said about your brand, identify potential sales leads by searching for keywords in social conversations, and respond to your own customer base in a public manner which lets everyone your fantastic and responsive your customer service.

Business Requirement: The marketing department of Really Awesome X company is looking for a way to identify new leads for their sales team to qualify.

Business Solution: Really Awesome X would like a system that would automatically create a new lead in Salesforce anytime someone makes a negative comment about their competitor, “Not so Awesome X” on Twitter. This will help Really Awesome X’s sales team focus their efforts on leads that are not currently satisfied with the competitor’s product/service.

Functional Solution: Really Awesome X company creates a twitter account and installs the Salesforce Labs “Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook” from the AppExchange. In their organization, they grant access to their twitter account and create keyword searches that look for negative references to their competitor (ex, a keyword search for “Not so Awesome X” will pull all conversations where twitter users are complaining about “Not so Awesome X” into their instance and will automatically create a lead). The keyword searches that you use can be scheduled to run at intervals to frequently comb through new conversations that might lead to additional leads.

It is important to test your searches in Twitter first to make sure that you are getting viable results before setting up your search within your organization.

Top Twitter Keyword Search Tips:

Remove Retweets from Results: (-RT)
Positive, Negative Questions: ((  🙂 🙁 ?)
Example: Not so Awesome X-RT
Example: Really Awesome X 🙂

Visual Example: A search for “ ?” in Twitter returns the following results:

We set up the keyword search in and specify to create a new lead for any unknown twitter usernames:


Once saved, we go to the and click “Get Conversations” and check the box to perform the search:


Our organization produces the following results:


Our sales reps can now follow up by qualifying these leads to identify potential sales opportunities.

Other use cases:

  • Automatically create a case anytime a customer publicly mentions your company
  • Enable internal staff to quickly respond to customer complaints within the same public forum without ever leaving
  • Relate marketing campaigns with specific keyword searches to better target leads

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