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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Opportunity Splits

by Senior Consultant Julianne Boley

Opportunity Splits

Julianne BoleyIf your sales process includes multiple team members that should receive some portion of credit for a closed won sale, the Summer 13 has a new feature that could help you accurately give credit where it is due.

ABC company pays its sales team a 3% commission on all closed won sales.  The 3% commission is based on the amount of the sale for which the team member was responsible.  They give the Call Center associate that made the cold call and set the sales appointment for the outside sales rep credit for 10% of revenue. The Sales Rep that closes the deal receives credit for 80% of revenue and the Sales Administrator that processes the contract receives the credit for the remaining 10%.

Enabling the Team Selling and the new Opportunity Splits features lets you split revenue percents appropriately between all of the responsible users.   Salesforce has given you the flexibility to choose the type of opportunity split that most accurately fits your sales process.  Revenue splits provide credit to team members who are directly responsible for revenue that an opportunity generates, and  Overlay splits provide credit to team members who work on an opportunity but aren’t directly responsible for generated revenue. Revenue splits must total 100% of the opportunity amount, while Overlay splits can total any percentage (sometimes exceeding 100%).  In the case of our example above, a Revenue Split would meet Company ABC’s requirements.

Enabling Team Selling:

  • Go To Setup, and navigate through Customize > Opportunities > Opportunity Teams.
  • Click on Settings and select Enable Team Selling; Click Save.
  • Click on Team Roles and rename the default roles to match your process:


From the Opportunity Teams menu:

  • Click on Opportunity Splits and select the version that best fits your requirements:July2013_2
  • Select the opportunity page layouts that will display the new Opportunity Team related list and click Save:July2013_3

Now that we’ve enabled Opportunity Splits, every newly created opportunity automatically includes them, but we’ll want to do some clean up to make sure that each opportunity has the appropriate team members associated.

  • Click on an Opportunity record and navigate to the Opportunity Team related list to add members:July2013_4

Once your team is set up, you can edit the existing split that automatically attributed all of the revenue to the Opportunity Owner:

  • Click on the Opportunity Split record and then click on Edit
  • Choose each team member on the left and enter the appropriate percent.  The amount will automatically calculate for you based on the opportunity amount.
  • Make any necessary notes, and click Save:July2013_5

Company ABC can now accurately report for each user the amount that their 3% commission will be based on in real time and motivate them to meet their personal goals.

Important Considerations:

Enabling Opportunity Splits changes existing opportunity records in your organization.

  • The opportunity owner is included on each opportunity team, and since the Opportunity Owner role is essential for splits,you cannot remove it.
  • Newly created opportunity split records include a default opportunity team member for the owner, who receives 100% of revenue splits until you have defined otherwise.

The script that applies these changes after you’ve enabled Opportunity splits temporarily disables triggers, workflows, and validation rules for opportunity team records, mass reassignment of opportunity team members, and mass transfer of accounts and opportunities. If your organization has a lot of opportunities, this script may take several hours, so make sure that you plan appropriately. While the script is running, you can still perform other tasks in Salesforce. Automated email notifications keep you up to date on the script’s status.

Additional Tips:
You can create custom reports that include opportunity split data. Note, however, that opportunity splits are not currently rolled up to sales territories or forecasts.

For more information about or assistance enabling this feature contact your Buan Consultant.  As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to working with you and your staff.
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